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Cependant, l’estimation des temps de divergence à partir de données moléculaires demeure très variable dans sa pratique et sa mise en œuvre est délicate pour le novice.Cet article propose une revue concise de l’état de l’art de la pratique de la datation moléculaire.Les alternatives possibles pour obtenir des temps de divergence sont également discutées.Enfin, plusieurs développements prometteurs pour l’avenir de la discipline sont soulignés, en particulier dans le cadre de l’amélioration du processus de calibration.However, the pollen record can also inform age calibrations if fossils matching extant pollen groups are found.Recent work has shown that pollen of the myrtle family, Myrtaceae, can be classified into a number of morphological groups that are synapomorphic with molecular groups.

Since fish diverges from the main stem of vertebrate evolution earlier than either birds or mammals, the cytochrome c of both mammals and birds should be equally different from the cytochrome c of fish.However, the practice of estimating divergence times using molecular data is highly variable among researchers and it is not straightforward for a newcomer to the field to know how to start.Here I provide a brief overview of the current state-of-the-art of molecular dating practice.These fossils were used to inform age constraints in a Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of a sequence alignment comprising two sequences from the chloroplast genome () and one nuclear locus (ITS), sampled from 106 taxa representing 80 genera.Three additional analyses were calibrated by placing pollen fossils using geographic and morphological information (eight calibrations), macrofossils (five calibrations), and macrofossils and pollen fossils in combination (12 calibrations).

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