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[End of quote] This charming story may have Old Testament origins in the miraculous preservation, in liquid form, of the sacred fire as recorded in 2 Maccabees -36, for the time of the biblical Nehemiah, whom we have found apparently making an anachronistic ‘return visit’ at the time of the Prophet Mohammed, BC dragged into AD time: Two Supposed Nehemiahs: BC time and AD time https:// The legend of Hincmar may perhaps have arisen out of a confused transmission of the original true historical account relating to the governor Nehemiah. At his baptism, King Clovis was anointed with a holy balm, or salve … According to the contemporary chronicle of Gregory of Tours, the anointing of Clovis occurred by the grace of God, prompting Gregory to draw an analogy between Clovis and the sacred kingship of David in the Old Testament. [End of quotes] Again, we recall the famous anointing with “the horn of oil” of David the shepherd, the youngest son of Jesse, by Samuel the high priest and prophet, after Samuel had rejected one by one David’s seven older brothers (1 Samuel 16:1-13).We continue now with Fraioli’s earlier section on The French Tradition, where she briefly considers Clovis I (pp. After the death of Saul (Samuel was also dead by now) David was anointed again, at Hebron, as king of all Israel (2 Samuel 5:3).(See Part Two) Admittedly, the anomalies and contradictions associated with virtually every aspect of the life of Charlemagne, from his birth to his death, are evident for all to consider.Other striking likenesses to the persons of the Old Testament, apart from that of Charlemagne’s father king Pepin being like king David; are his mother, Bertha or Bertrada, reminding of Bathsheba; Charlemagne’s wife, “Desideria”, reminding of the “Queen of Sheba”; and Charlemagne’s colourful eastern friend and ally, Harun al-Raschid, most definitely like Solomon’s ally, King Hiram of Tyre.Again, when Adonijah’s bid for the throne had failed, he cunningly approached Bathsheba to ask Solomon to give him the beautiful Abishag for his wife (-18).When Bathsheba did approach Solomon, the latter acted out the pretence of complying with his mother’s request (2:2): “King Solomon answered his mother, ‘And why do you ask Abishag the Shunammite for Adonijah? For he is my elder brother; ask not only for him but also for the priest Abiathar and for Joab the son of Zeruiah!

Did the “giants” in these Chansons perhaps arise from the encounter between David and the giant Goliath? 395), who calls him “a witness of God, after the style of Solomon …”, and he has been spoken of in terms of the ancient kings of Israel; whilst Charlemagne’s father, Pepin the Short, was hailed as “the new king David”.Charlemagne, too, appears sometimes as a larger-than-life king, almost too good to be true. the heaven-sent man, for whom Europe was waiting …”. 401): “Who in the world fitted this role more than this glamorous personage, who set every man’s imagination afire and who seemed so much larger than life?The last I believe to have been – as King Solomon most certainly was – a real historical person: King Hiram the Historical and Hiram Abiff the Hysterical https:// Let us take a relevant section on this from Fraioli’s book (pp.43-45): THE FRENCH TRADITION France developed by far the most sacred mythology around its kingship of all the kingdoms in western Europe, although the earliest known coronations occurred in Visigothic Spain and Ireland.

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Relativizar la realidad y poder hacer coña no debe ser algo penado. Estos límites pueden ser muy anchos y, el humor negro y punzante, también se ha de aceptar. Algún catalán imagina un espectáculo de masas en el Principado donde se degollara algún político unionista ¿Cuál sería la reacción? Se preguntan qué ocurriría si en la televisión catalana se hiciera lo mismo con Mariano Rajoy o algún político que defiende la unidad de España. No sólo roza los límites sino que los traspasa en muchísimas ocasiones.

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