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(See Democrats’ top 10; state Republicans released a You Tube video outlining their 17 new laws.) Below, a selection of 17 new laws highlighted by state senators that take effect on New Year’s Day.

Recognizing Signs of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse Cosmetologists, estheticians, hair dressers, barbers and nail technicians working in Illinois will be required to learn how to recognize signs of domestic violence and sexual assault.

• It is illegal in Scotland to be drunk and in charge of a cow This seems like basic common sense, but is most likely related to the Licensing Act of 1872 that punished anyone found to be drunk in charge of a steam engine, horse or cow.

Perpetrators could be fined £200 and jailed for up to 51 weeks.

We’re told that the queen does legally own any mute swans living in open water, but no other species.

It is, however, not true that anyone found to have killed a mute swan will be found guilty of treason and executed.• Any Scotsman found to be wearing underwear beneath his kilt can be fined two cans of beer Surely a fairly recent invention, given the beer can’s advent in 1935, this has cropped up time and time again and is, we suspect, tongue in cheek - not least because we couldn’t envisage anyone being employed to enforce this law.

Any oral, written or sign language statement by a minor without counsel present during a custodial interrogation shall be inadmissible as evidence in any juvenile court proceeding or criminal proceeding against the minor, according to SB 2370, which was sponsored by Sen. Allowing Children to Testify Outside of Court Children who are the victims of battery or domestic abuse may testify using closed circuit television in lieu of testifying in the courtroom. Michael Connelly sponsored SB 2880, which also allows for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to testify via CCTV. Adopting Police Dogs Upon Retirement Police officers will have the first opportunity to adopt their canine counterparts when the dogs retire from the force, thanks to a new law. Tom Cullerton said, “The special connection formed between an officer and their dog should be honored.

Enhancing Social Media Password Protections The legislation strengthens current laws prohibiting employers and prospective employers from accessing employees’ social media passwords. Recording Video in Transportation Vehicles Starting in 2017, vehicles that transport people or goods on a contractual basis will be allowed to have a video recorder operating, as long as a notice is posted letting passengers know their conversations may be recorded. We should want to give retiring police dogs a loving home.” If the dog’s handler chooses not to adopt the dog, the canine can then be adopted by another officer or employee in the agency, or given to a nonprofit organization or no-kill animal shelter to assist with the adoption of the dog. In related news, earlier this month Chicago Tonight reported on Jimmy John’s agreement to a lawsuit regarding its use of noncompete agreements. Ending Pension Abuse for Lobbyists Under the law sponsored by Sen.

However, we’re yet to hear of any bovine-wielding drunks being charged in Scotland.Shortly after SB 3096 was approved in August, Chicago Tonight reported on the law. Under the new law effective New Year’s Day, medical providers will be forbidden from such actions.Reducing Taxes on Feminine Hygiene Products Commonly called the tampon tax, SB 2746 changes the state’s tax codes to make sure essential women’s health products such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups aren’t charged the same sales tax as shampoo. “This measure enables Illinois to restore some balance to the patient-doctor relationship in Illinois,” Biss said when the bill was passed in August.Police were the first to arrive on the scene but were unable to help Le Gere because they were not allowed to carry or administer Epi Pens.Under this new law, law enforcement agencies will be allowed to conduct training programs that teach officers how to recognize and respond to anaphylaxis. Removing Lead Toxins Properties with high lead levels will be prohibited from being sold or released until the problem is mitigated and the property is considered safe. Requiring Officials to Accept Cash Bail Law enforcement officials will be required to accept cash to post bail when SB 2252 goes into effect. Steve Stadelman, arose from an incident in which a minor was kept in a juvenile detention center for a weekend because officials refused to accept cash due to a county policy, despite their credit card machine being broken.

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